Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 22nd and 23rd

I was visiting one of my best friends from grad school in Minnesota from the 22nd through 26th, so I wasn't able to post. My outfits for the weekend were not inspiring, but I did manage to keep going with the challenge. I didn't get good pictures of my outfits on Saturday or Sunday, so I'll be doing a dramatic re-enactment of those later. For now, here's Thursday and Friday.
On Thursday, I wore that big green tunic again with black jeans and a different belt. I took this picture right before going to bed, so I was pretty wrinkly. My self-made thing was pretty small: the flower pin on the belt. The belt has a kind of stupid looking heart on the end, so I was happy to cover it up with the pin. I wasn't thrilled with this outfit, though. I kind of wished I had been in jeans and a t-shirt instead.
On Friday, we went apple picking. I wore my self-made red flowered tank top with a blue sweater and black jeans. I was on the fence about how the tank neckline worked with the sweater neckline. When I packed, I had planned on wearing this skirt on Friday, with an orange top, but it was so chilly that I opted for the pants instead. It threw off my outfit plans for Monday, but at least I wasn't freezing all day. We picked a ton of apples and made apple crisp when we got home. It was delicious, and I proceeded to eat it for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday.

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