Sunday, October 5, 2014

Black and red wedding napkins

Some friends from grad school got married, and I made these napkins for them. I made two each of four different patterns, unified by having black backgrounds and red in the design. I used red thread for the stitching. Jon and I had a lot of fun picking out the patterns we were going to use. We ended up with the skulls & roses print I already had from making this apron and bag for the bride (well before she was a bride), "love" printed fabric, some owls, and some little aliens. I think the patterns capture how fun the bride and groom are, and I was especially happy with the owls because they had some owl themed stuff at their wedding.

To make the napkins, I used the "casual" mitered corner napkin tutorial here. I didn't get the mitering perfect, but I was happy with them overall. I think I started with 18 inch squares and lost a little over an inch to hemming, so they ended up about 16 1/2 inches finished.