Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 7th

This is the first Self-made September outfit I haven't been very happy with. I'm not sure if frumpy is quite the right word, but I think that's how I felt. I made this skirt back in April. I'm not sure exactly what I didn't like about the outfit. I think maybe I'm still getting used to the silhouette of the skirt. I still don't wear much clothing like that. Also, maybe the skirt is too long for being so poofy. I wouldn't be comfortable with it shorter (it's quite breezy as it is), but maybe a slightly less full version that was a little shorter might look better to me. Maybe it's that the waistband is so high, so I feel like the proportions of the shirt are wrong. Maybe it was just that particular shirt, maybe it was the hairstyle. I'm just not sure. But I kept it on all day to try to get myself used to the look, and I'll try other things with this skirt as the weather gets cooler.

Jon charitably said I looked good, but not as good as I usually look.


  1. That's a beautiful skirt, but I agree that poofy skirts are really difficult to wear. I have small hips, but a poofy skirt will make it look like I'm trying to hide large hips, which really isn't the look I'm going for. I think the waistband being lower and/or a shirt with less extra fabric around the waist might help (a shirt that's actually a leotard would be great, but those are usually so low in the back). Maybe a wide belt around the waist would help.

  2. It honestly had never occurred to me to add a belt. I'll probably try that the next time I wear it. The other times I've worn the skirt, I have had thin tank tops on, and I do think they worked better than this bulkier shirt.