Thursday, September 1, 2011

Self-made September 1st

We just got back from a crazy trip to the east coast yesterday, and we haven't even fully unpacked boxes in the new apartment, so I was tempted to push back the start of Self-made September. But yesterday I was unpacking the box that contained this skirt shirt, and since the forecast was in the 90s for today, I thought it would be perfect. Then I saw the very first garment I ever made, this tank top, in the closet, and decided to wear the two things together. I think this starts the month off with a bang.

The tank top is probably the worst-constructed garment I've ever made. I'm not beating myself up; it was the first thing I ever made, and it would be a shame if I hadn't gotten better since then. I'm proud of it and like that I still have it (and can still wear it 15 years later). I forgot to take detail pictures, but there is zigzag stitching along the neck and arm openings. I was making it on my mom's old machine, which is a great machine but has a harder-to-use zigzag attachment, and since it was my first attempt at sewing, it is very uneven. The bottom hemline is uneve, too. The navy color helps disguise the flaws, and I don't think it looks too weird to wear. It's quite a bit tighter on me than it was when I was 12, but I like that it nips in so much at my waist and highlights my shape. I love the cheerful print, but the fabric is not very breathable, so I exchanged it for a cotton knit top while I was working on moving-related stuff earlier today. (Side note: we finally have enough bookshelves to at least be close to containing our library. Yay!)

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