Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 3rd

I made this corduroy skirt many years ago. It's a simple pattern-just two darts in front and four in back, along with a back zipper. It sits pretty low on my waist. I should have taken detail pictures, but I forgot. Maybe I'll post them the next time I wear this skirt. I used an invisible zipper in the back, but I set it in very poorly, and I didn't use a hook and eye at the top, but I like wearing the skirt anyway. The corduroy has held up pretty well for how old it is. It isn't threadbare on the seatyet. I think the top plus the skirt kind of made me look blobby, but it's not apparent in these pictures; my hands pull the shirt fabric in and define my waist. One of my favorite things about the skirt is that it's just wide enough to bike in, so it doesn't flap around in an embarrassing fashion, nor does constrict motion much. It's the Goldilocks of my skirts. (The Baby Bear's bed of my skirts?)

Yesterday we had a picnic lunch with a friend by the lake, and then she and I went to see Body Worlds together. (Jon doesn't like seeing the insides of people, so he stayed away from the museum.) For the sake of accuracy, I feel the need to note that I am posing next to Jon's bike in these pictures. I rode it home because he went home earlier with the picnic food, riding my bike, which has back baskets for carrying picnic food and other things. Although Jon is slightly taller than I am, our legs are the same length, so it is easy for us to swap bikes. If I look amused in these pictures, it's because the pads in my bike helmet got soaked in the rain, so I had rivulets of water coming down my face periodically.

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