Sunday, September 4, 2011

September 4th

I went to church today, so I dressed up a little more than usual. (No Birkenstocks-but my sandal-tanned feet remember them!) I have been trying to figure out ways to dress down my turquoise and purple silk dresses, and I really like how this turned out. If you recall, this was my bridesmaid's dress for my sister's wedding last year. I put a white cotton top and belt over it, and I think that made it just right for church. I liked leaving the shirt open so the purple stayed showing through on the top, too. I also liked how well the belt and shoes matched. I got the belt at a thrift store, and I suspect that it came off of a dress. It just seems like that kind of belt.

This dress is so comfortable! The silk is smooth against my skin and just the right weight. The only thing is that I'm constantly worried about snagging the dress. Of course, that didn't stop me from riding my bike! I was just extra careful carrying it up the brick stairs. We had trouble getting the light right for the pictures today. I was backlit for most of them.
Nice pose, bad light.

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