Saturday, September 10, 2011

Septmber 9th

I was really pleased with this outfit! I made this bias-cut Simplicity dress many years ago (in high school or college) and had issues with it. The facings on the neckline kept rolling out, the armholes are a little tight, but the neckline/shoulder area is a little loose, and the back doesn't drape perfectly. But after trimming the facings before putting it on and adding a belt, I was really pleased with it. I looked very narrow and delicate when I belted at my actual waist, but I really liked the vibe of the outfit belted a few inches lower, on the top of my hip. I added a blue sweater for a lot of the day because it was on the chilly side.
I think the fabric is really fun. I kind of think of it as a bunch of crayons melted together. It has greens, blues, and yellows in addition to the dominant pink, so it was easy to pull out colors from the pattern to use as accessories. I didn't mind that the yellow, blue, and green I chose didn't match perfectly; the pattern is wild enough that it doesn't matter too much. (At least to me.) This turtle necklace is another one that was liberated from my mom's jewelry box on a recent visit.
I have had mixed success with bias-cut garments. I think in general, bias-cut skirts are not particularly flattering on me. I think I'm a bit too curvy for them to flow gracefully down. They sometimes bunch up or show my lumps a little more than I'd like. But after adding the belt, I felt like this one was pretty flattering. It downplayed my curves, both on top and on bottom, in a really cute way.

Jon was apprehensive about this outfit. I have worn this dress one other time since he and I met, and I happened to bike home through a downpour that day. The sight of me soaking wet in the dress made him sad, and he hasn't gotten over the association. Unfortunately, it rained on us yesterday as well, but not so badly that it made him sad.


  1. What a beautiful dress! I especially like the sleeves and neckline. I bought several dress patterns on sale for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby at the beginning of the summer, but I haven't gotten around to even choosing fabric for any of them. I'm kind of intimidated by the idea of making a whole dress by myself, and there are so many other projects that I want to finish or start ...

  2. I'm kind of in project idea overload right now too. It's making it a little hard for me to start anything in particular. But you should take the plunge and make a dress!