Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another flower pin

I made this for a friend. I really need to get over to the post office to send it to her. The main reason I'm posting about it is that I think it's really interesting how different the color looks depending on whether there's white in the frame. I guess I have always had a vague notion that cameras automatically adjust color tone based on neutrals in the picture, but I had never seen it in action like this. I watched the display color shift as I moved the salt shaker in and out of the frame. It was pretty fun, actually. Anyway, the color on the right is the more accurate one. I used a fun button from my mom's stash for the center, and I sewed it to the pin before gathering the center circle, which seems to work pretty well for buttons that have a hole on the back instead of multiple holes through the whole button.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Flower pin advice

Unfortunately, the flower pin is not robust to the abuses of the washer and dryer.
I couldn't find it for about a week, so I was a little relieved when it turned up in the last load of laundry but also sad because it didn't fare so well. The flower pin is dead, but since I have more of the same fabric, long live the flower pin I will make when I get a chance.

Speaking of which, I haven't had a chance to sew in a while. I have started a project for a friend who responded when I posted one of those chain "give something homemade to the first five commenters" things. I'll post that once it gets finished. Right now I feel like my time is sucked away by grading, trips to Chicago, and of course writing my thesis. Crafts have rightfully taken a back seat. But I did get a subscription to Threads magazine and was thrilled with the first issue. Good sewists and designers have amazing geometric imaginations. I am still reeling from the mind-blowing article about how to make a patch pocket without topstitching. I'm not kidding. It's really cool. I might have some more posts about math and sewing if I ever make it out of thesis purgatory.