Thursday, January 13, 2011

Paisley flower pin

I was traveling for the first part of January. On Sunday, I carpooled back from New Orleans, so I was in the car (thankfully not driving) for six hours. When I got home, after eating a refreshing salad of course, I wanted to do something creative. I had bought a pattern set for a bunch of different flowers that could accessorize garments or hair. I decided to make one of those. It was quite easy (although the pattern wasn't well written, which is too bad because it's the kind of project that probably attracts a lot of people who aren't experienced at sewing, and one of the diagrams was incorrect). I used this olive paisley fabric that had been made into an apron for a friend and a couple of turtle bibs. This project took up probably the last usable scraps. I don't know that I have anything wider than 3 inches left. I also used a button from this big bag of buttons my mom gave me a couple months ago.
Probably the hardest part of the project was deciding what color button to use for the center. I liked the big contrast a purple or red button gave, and I have a ton of white pearlescent buttons that looked pretty good, but the gold one really worked well. After making the flower, I turned it into a pin by shoving a pin backing into one of the back layers of petals. It's not the most elegant or most secure way to do it, but it was easy, and since there won't be a lot of tension or stress on the pin, it should hold fine. I think the pin will look good with a lot of different shirts I have. I tested it with various colors of sweater, and I think it will look really awesome with a bright pink or orange tank top in the summer. I got quite a few compliments when I wore it on Monday. I think these will also be easy but fun gifts to make for people.

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