Friday, September 30, 2011

September 28th

Whew, we're back in order again! It was another chilly, dreary day on Wednesday. I decided to wear this one-shouldered top I made ages ago. I think the pattern was in the same envelope as the one for these shirts. I love it, and I feel very sexy and saucy in it, but I don't have much chance to wear it. It feels very loud to me, and I don't always want to be loud in that way. I liked it under this white jacket, though. The fun neckline could peek out without showing too much clavicle and shoulder.

I am posing by this chair because I was going to take it and put it on our balcony. It was sitting in between two parking spaces in a lot behind our apartment. But Jon was concerned that it actually belonged to someone who wants to use it to enjoy a nice sit in the parking lot, so we didn't take it. That is something I worry about when we pick up free stuff from the alley. I usually try to walk by it a few hours apart just in case someone was in the process of moving it or cleaning or something like that. I don't want to deprive people of property that is rightfully theirs, and I agreed that this was a little iffier than when they clearly throw stuff by the dumpster to be taken or thrown away. So we left the chair in the parking lot. Earlier that day, though, I had found two other chairs sitting by a stop sign on the curb. I decided that these were definitely not being kept, so we took them home.

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