Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 27th

It was raining this morning, so I didn't get to take pictures of my Saturday outfit, so I'll have to post out of order. Shocking, I know. We did pictures by the dumpsters yesterday because I really like the "Know Garbage Picking" sign. It reminds me of the "No Jesus, No Peace/Know Jesus, Know Peace" shirts I sometimes see people wearing, but funnier. For the record, I have seen a lot of people going through the garbage, and I have done some of that myself. A lot of people have been leaving furniture out, and I'm glad to give it a new home. Anyway, I thought my outfit was kind of fun yesterday: black leggings, shirt skirt, purple shirt, and black velour jacket. I liked the way the umbrella popped against the more muted outfit.
I feel like this part of the season is awkward for me. I really prefer sandals to shoes, so I'm keeping the sandals on for now, but it's a little too chilly for bare legs with a skirt. Unfortunately, this is my only pair of leggings. I have some tights, but then I'd have to wear closed-toed shoes. I don't have a go-to pair of closed-toed shoes that I'd be happy wearing with footed tights, so for now, if it doesn't go with black leggings, it doesn't get worn.
I have a significant amount of anxiety about my first-ever "real" winter. I'm worried because most of my "warm" clothes are only warm enough for how the weather is now (50s-60s, rainy), and it's only September. I'm trying to get used to being colder by not dressing as warmly in this weather as I would in Texas in the same weather. But I know I need some better cold-weather options, and I'm going to need them sooner than I thought I would. The skies are gray again today, and I'm a little daunted by the prospect that they'll be like this until April. I hope we have a few more radiantly beautiful fall days before we go to full-on drear.

On the bright side, on my trip to Minnesota, I picked up an absolutely gorgeous royal blue 1960s vintage coat with awesome buttons, and I'm looking forward to getting some good use out of it this winter.

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