Monday, August 31, 2015

Shape-note placemats

At the beginning of the year, I participated in one of those "comment on this post and I'll make you something" things, and I finally got around to making the first one. I've wanted to do some shape note-themed reverse applique placemats like the ones I made for a few people a while ago. Two of the people who commented on my post are shape-note singers, and I've now made a set of these placemats for one of them. She did a lot of the organizing for a recent singing, so they are in part a thank you for all her hard work.

For these placemats, I used a heavy maroon canvas-ish cotton and some shiny gold polyester to mimic the colors of the Sacred Harp, the tunebook we use most of the time. I did the best I could on making the stencils for the shapes, and I'm pleased with them. The gold contrast fabric didn't lie completely flat while I was sewing it, so it's a little wavy. I might try to stabilize it the next time.
Overall, I think they turned out pretty well.