Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11th

For church and brunch with friends on Sunday, I wore my first-ever perfect dress, and it still makes me feel perfect. I added a blue sweater and my pretty gold leaf necklace that my aunt gave me last year. I like the color-blocking effect, and I like wearing the primary colors together. I know gold isn't quite yellow, but maybe the combination of gold and blonde makes up for it. It was actually a little warm once the sun came out, so I wore it without the sweater too.
(The weird white thing in the bottom left isn't a giant top hat. It's a cake carrier. We took a delicious plum cake to the brunch. There were no leftovers.) We went for a bike ride in the afternoon, and I changed into non-self-made shorts and a tee for that. You might notice that I'm not wearing Birkenstocks. I finally took the plunge and bought some Chaco's. The Birkenstocks worked well for me for a while, but the soles were starting to wear out, and I was starting to have some trouble keeping them on my feet without getting toe cramps. So far, the Chaco's are pretty good. I'm getting used to having something around my ankle, but I think that helps me keep them on without toe injury. I expect that at this time next year, I'll have a new sandal tan.

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