Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21st

I am kind of grumpy today because of stupid car stuff (the check engine light has gone on and off for over a year, no one could diagnose it until my warranty conveniently expired, now it's $1200 to fix, and everyone I talk to about it says someone else has to make the decision about whether to cover it but probably won't), but I managed to put on a smile to take these pictures, and it cheered me up. I think this was a much more successful deployment of the poofy skirt I wore on the 7th. This time I wore a much tighter shirt and added a belt, per Emily's suggestion. I really liked what the belt did! I didn't have a wide belt in a color that went with the others, but I thought that the medium-width belt low on the waistband brought my waist down a little visually, so I don't look like the skirt is up to my armpits. I also like the rich reddish-purplish brown of the leather with the blue and orange. The belt is a gift from my grandmother. She used to wear it and hadn't for a while, so she gave it to me. I really like that kind of gift.

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