Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 12th

Yesterday I wore two refashioned items. I posted about the skirt back in June. The top used to be a dress. It was a little above the knee, but after an ill-advised trip through the dryer, the hem was uneven and much higher. You can't see in this picture because my hair is in the way, but the uneven drying is still evident: the left armhole is bigger than the right. I cut the bottom off the dress and hemmed it as a short top. Now I kind of wish I had left it longer and worn it as a tunic, but at the time (probably late 90s), that didn't seem cool. The armholes on the top are a little futher in than most sleeveless tops I wear. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but I've been doing a lot of pushups, and my arms are more toned than they used to be. I like the way the armholes show them off a little. In the second picture I'm also wearing my new sunglasses. I got them for $2 at a garage sale last Sunday. A few years ago, I bought cute sunglasses with teal frames that I almost immediately put down in a rental car and never retrieved. These aren't quite as cute, but they'll do.

I have my hair over my shoulder in these pictures because it kept getting caught in the button on the back of the shirt.

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