Monday, August 22, 2011

Self-made September

We just moved into our new apartment, which means I am once again in possession of my sewing machine! I haven't set up the craft room yet, so it's still in its box, but I am very excited about getting back to making stuff. I have set up a challenge for myself to encourage creativity and maybe inspire a little new sewing. I am pretty good about wearing the things I make, but I think a self-imposed month of wearing at least one handmade article would be good for me. I have seen this around the web, so apologies to whomever came up with the concept if I am ripping you off. (I'll totally join your group if you have one.)

The rules:

-Every day I have to wear at least one article made by me.

-Crochet counts, as do any other new garment-construction techniques I pick up between now and the end of September.

-Refashioning counts, minor repairs or alterations don't.

-Relining counts because I have a skirt I need to reline, and I think this will encourage me to get that done.

-Accessories count.

-Sleepwear doesn't count. (I have a self-made robe that I wear a lot.)

-Repeats are allowed.

-If I am spending the day doing an athletic activity or lying on the beach or painting a room or something like that, I can just wear normal grubby clothes.

-If I'm interviewing for a job, attending a funeral, or meeting with a head of state, I can ignore the challenge, although I don't have to.

-I am getting back into town from a trip to see Jon's relatives on August 31, so the first couple days might be postponed if they're too hectic.

I will try to post an outfit picture every day, or at least take them and post them when I get around to it, and I hope to make a few new garments by the end of the month. Hooray for the return of sewing to my life!

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