Monday, January 3, 2011

Flashback dress

I don't know when I made this dress. 1998 sounds about right. It's definitely from an earlier era in my sewing, but about a year ago I rediscovered it when looking through a closet at my parents' house. I don't think I ever wore it much. It's a little too short for my taste (more so now than then), the neckline doesn't lie quite right on the left side (maybe hard to tell in these photos-we didn't take the time to take any good ones), crushed velvet is never really in style (or is it? I don't know these things), and it has almost no shaping in the torso, making it not ideal for a somewhat curvy lady like me. But despite those flaws, I liked it enough to keep it, and I actually wore it to dinner last week. I had just bought my first pair of leggings in preparation for my trip to Chicago, and I decided that the dress with the leggings would be modest enough. I also wore some new gray-beige shoes and an old-ish necklace. This is definitely not how I normally dress, but I thought it was a really fun, funky outfit. And I think the leggings also make it modest enough to ride a bike in, so I could even wear it to school!
By the way, I've never had leggings before, but I think these really make my legs look muscular. I'm going to have to keep that in mind.

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