Sunday, August 19, 2012


My grandparents' 64th wedding anniversary is coming up in early September. It's the day before my birthday, so it's easy to remember. 64 is 8 squared, so I'm trying to think of a sewing project I could make for them that would feature eight squares. I'm not a quilter, so I don't want to try a quilt or bedspread, and I'm not a proficient enough crocheter to make a big crochet project.
Here are some of my ideas:
A tablecloth that would have a design with rows of 3, 2, and 3 squares. (So each of the squares in the 2 square row would have side length 1.5 times those in the 3 square rows.) I think that would be more visually interesting than 4 rows of 2.
Related: A table runner made of eight squares.
Eight napkins or placemats (napkins are more prone to being square, so if I made placemats, they might be mistaken for napkins).

Any other ideas for something interesting with eight squares?

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  1. I didn't have any good ideas when you posted this, and it's too late now to be helpful anyway, but I just wanted to say happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner. :)