Monday, March 19, 2012

Stained glass

Another non-sewing home post. I just want to show off! I bought a groupon for six stained glass classes last semester, and I started it this January. I ended up working fairly quickly, so I was able to make three projects in seven classes (I paid for the last one separately. The first one was geometric with a blue, yellow, and red design. Here is a close-up of the textured clear glass.
The second was smaller and has lots of different textured clear glass with a pop of blue.
Here's the size comparison.
I used a patina-making chemical for the first one to make the connecting solder darker, but I liked the brightness of the metal on the second one, so I left it un-patina-ed. Most of the interest in the second one is in the textures of the glass, so here are some close-ups that capture that.
For my last project, I used the same pattern as the first one but changed the color scheme. It looks like a sunset to me.
I can hardly wait until we live in a place where I can hang these up properly. I don't really have a place for it here, but I do enjoy seeing them just sitting on my windowsill.

I never knew that a regular person like me could make stained glass. Some of the steps are difficult for me, and my work is quite imperfect, but it's cool that in just seven weeks, I learned how to cut glass, use a grinder, and solder. (I had soldered before, but not since high school.) This was really fun, and I might even pay regular price to take some more. I wish the studio were closer, though. That would definitely make me a regular customer.

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  1. That's really cool! I especially like the second one.