Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More bibsies

I made some more bibs for a friend of mine and Jon's cousin. The friend managed to have her baby the day before I got the bibs in the mail, but Jon's cousin isn't due until April, and hopefully I'll get to the post office today or tomorrow. For my friend, I made the alien bib and one out of a fabric I had in my stash that has a colorful tie print. (By the way, could anything be cuter than a baby boy wearing a bib with a tie print?)

For Jon's cousin, I made those two plus a bumblebee baby bib and an alligator. I made the bee one with an old pair of yellow-and-white checked boxer shorts instead of the yellow fleece I usually use because I couldn't find the yellow fleece when I started. I think it's super cute. (The photo is rotated in iPhoto but not here, apparently.)
I love making gifts for people, but I'm a bit burned out on it right now. I have two more gifts I really want to make soon, but I'm going to make a couple things for myself first. I worked on a new dress yesterday, and I'm going to finish it today and maybe even start another one.

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