Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non-fabric home decorating projects

I just made this weekly calendar, inspired by pinterest. I got an 8x8 photo frame set and cut out rectangles from a set of historical European maps given to us by my MIL. The image on the left is right after I put the maps in the frames and wrote on it with dry erase markers to test their erasibility on the glass. Then I used a silver Sharpie to label the days of the week. We haven't quite figured out what the eighth rectangle will be for. Possibilities are the weekly menu, upcoming events that aren't quite on the weekly calendar yet, or a to-do list. My things are in blue, Jon's things are in red, and things for both of us are in black. I was a little disappointed by how light the silver Sharpie was, but I can get a paint pen and go over it sometime.
Making this calendar reminded me of some other framed home decor projects I've done, so here they are.
This is a set of vintage postcards I bought on a trip to France. Some of them have been written on, and luckily I was able to frame them without cutting them.
This is a set of three postcards we got on the same trip to Europe, but in Germany. The two sides are early Kandinsky prints, and the middle is a cute Max Ernst statue. Jon and I are Max Ernst fans. I did have to cut these to frame them, but they aren't as irreplaceable as the vintage postcards.
This is a photo cluster we have near our kitchen. It's pictures of us and our families. The glare on my grandmother (left middle) is due to the position of our kitchen windows, and I couldn't maneuver out of it. I am pretty pleased with how cute this is. I like the different frames and not-too-fussy placement.
Finally, a framed picture of us on the French island of Porquerolles. I decorated the frame with sea glass we found there. I had never seen sea glass before that trip, and it has become a hobby for us.


  1. Not sure whether I mentioned this before, but my kids and I found some sea glass last fall. It's cool! We have a good start to a collection.

  2. Sea glass is awesome! We found our first black glass on our vacation to Niagara Falls and Buffalo. We found it on the shore of Lake Ontario. (Black glass looks black and often has a slight opalescence, but it's olive green when held up to light.)