Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bones 'n Roses stuff for Carolyn

My friend Carolyn loves vampire and Halloween stuff, so when I saw this cute fabric with skeletons and roses on it last Christmas or so, it cried out to me that I needed to make an apron for Carolyn out of it. (I think if you know Carolyn, you agree.) I have several apron patterns inherited from my mom, and I bought enough fabric for the one I thought I wanted to make. After making one of those aprons for a different friend, I decided it was overkill and went with a less fabric-intensive apron for Carolyn. She loves it, and I even saw her wearing it when I went over to dinner at her house last Saturday. (If she doesn't love it, she does a good job making me feel good about it anyway.) I gave her the apron "for Christmas" back in July. (I don't always get my projects done in a timely manner.) The apron is pretty nice. It has one big pocket in the middle of the front and a smaller one for a pencil or thermometer or other small kitchen thingy on one side towards the top.

For her birthday this year (on time!), I made a tote bag for her out of the same fabric. I used It's so Easy/Simplicity pattern #2402. It can fold up and fit in a little pouch. I think it's a pretty nice tote. It's strong, and it is lined with a red cotton broadcloth for even more sturdiness (and so there aren't as many seams showing in the bottom). The pouch is cool too. I used a magnetic snap to close it, and it has a little clip on it, so it can be attached to the tote when the tote is unfolded.
I still have enough fabric for one more project for Carolyn. We'll see what it becomes.


  1. I do love my apron and tote! I use both all the time. :)

  2. So what type of magnetic strip did you use? I've made purses before w a magnetic snap but with how you connect them, even if its lined, and has interface, it rips right at the snap due to the stress of continued opening.

  3. I am actually worried about that happening. The ones I got recommended putting cardboard behind the pokey bits that you bend down. (I can't figure out a good name to call them.) We'll see how it works. As for brand, I think they're Dritz, but I'm not sure.

  4. cardboard, that might be a good idea! Thanks!