Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion risks

OK, this post is really just about the conflict between creativity/expression and the desire to fit in, not about any new sewing projects. Since it is a handmade dress, though, I decided it can go on the blog.

I'm going to the symphony later today, and I decided to try on my outfit this morning. It's a matinee performance, so I didn't want to look too formal. I've worn this red (perfect) dress with these gold tights and Frank Lloyd Wright glass design scarf before, but with the scarf tied in a knot in front. The scarf has some gold in it that matches the tights, so I was playing around with getting the gold to stand out more, and I ended up with this vest-like arrangement of my scarf. I let it hang down like a stole and then belted it with a tie I had removed from a skirt a long time ago.
I really like that you can see the design on the scarf better than when it's tied up normally, but it's a very unusual look, and I'm nervous about wearing it. I'm thinking about swapping out the tights for black ones so the only out-there part of the outfit is the way I'm wearing the scarf. I like the way the gold appears in both the scarf and the tights, but I think I'll feel more comfortable in something a little more toned-down. If I had black tights with an open weave design of some kind, maybe that would help tone down the color but still give that outfit harmony with the gold. Alas, my only patterned tights are blue.
Jon thought this outfit was really cool and was very supportive of me being creative with it. I'll have to ask the friend who's going with me to the symphony what he thinks. Interestingly enough, just last week the two of us were talking about how we've both had changes of heart in thinking about how we dress. We went to high school together (he was my prom date), and at that time we were both fairly uninterested in how we dressed and kind of felt like it was stupid to care how you looked. We've both come to different feelings about it recently, seeing it as an important way of presenting yourself to the world. It's interesting how people change.


  1. This is awesome! I have to say, this is actually one of the first times I've ever really liked the belted-scarf look on anybody--it looks like it was made to be that way, and at first glance I thought it was a pretty dress! I also think the gold tights work really well with the whole outfit, but it would look quite pretty with black tights too, if you truly feel nervous about the gold ones.

    It sounds like you had the same mindset as I did in high school--I wore superhuge t-shirts and jeans more or less every day and didn't really think twice about my appearance. It was when I started thinking of clothing as a great way to be creative that I realized how much fun it could be...

    1. Er, that should say "I thought it was a pretty vest." My brain needs a vacation, apparently, haha. (Sorry, this is Mia from Reading in Skirts again, for some reason it's not letting me publish the comment from my Wordpress account. What the heck, comment system.)

    2. When I was putting this together, I thought this was the kind of thing you could totally rock! Thanks for the support on the gold tights. I ended up switching to black (but didn't take any pictures), and I added a black blazer on top that I wore when it was chilly-ish outside. The "vest" looked really nice with the blazer. It showed just a little bit under the blazer and added a really nice lining look. The blazer didn't look awesome with the dress length, but I was in a hurry, so I decided not to care. I think this belted scarf thing is something I'll have to keep working on. I'm cautiously pleased with my first attempt.