Friday, April 22, 2011

She'll make you flip

Yesterday this beautiful pattern came in the mail. I got it from the She'll Make You Flip on etsy, and I am completely besotted with it. That pocket! I don't know exactly what year it's from, but the seller said it was from the 1940s. It is definitely the oldest pattern I've ever used. Some differences between modern patterns:
It uses the phrase "slide fastener" instead of "zipper."

The pattern markings are punched instead of printed. I am a little intimidated, but really it's not that different. The only thing I'm a bit unsure about is whether the seam allowance (which is not the standard 5/8", but 1/2" in most places and 3/4" in others) is included. I'm going to have to look that up. I'm assuming it is because I think you're supposed to do a tissue fitting by pinning the pattern pieces together and seeing how they fit on you.

Another difference is that I'm not going to have to alter it much at the waist. Usually I have to add 3-5 inches at the waist when I use the pattern with my bust size, but this pattern is sized for someone whose waist is only 1/2" less than mine. I found that strange because I think of the silhouette as getting heavier as time went on. (I will have to add at the hips, but only 4 inches instead of 6.)

I'm so excited about making this pattern! Now I just have to decide what to make the first try out of. I want it to be goo enough fabric that I will enjoy wearing it but not super-special fabric that I will be sad to have wasted if it doesn't work out. Here are some candidates from my fabric stash.
There's this combination of stripes and a print in harmonious colors, but that might be too funky. And I'm not sure how stripes would look on top anyway. I might have enough of the print to make the whole dress out of it, but that's definitely not the case with the stripes. Or I could use this light brown very narrow wale corduroy with the lower print as the top. (The second picture is to show the texture, but it didn't come out very well.)
There's this yellow flower print:
And this blue herringbone heavy shirting:
I was going to use that for a shirtwaist dress, but it might look nice in this pattern. Or I could use that for the skirt with a white or subtle print on top. The possibilities are a bit overwhelming.

If and when I get around to this dress, I'll let you know. I hope it looks good.

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