Monday, September 13, 2010

Hurricane robe

Two years ago today, Hurricane Ike, which was approximately the size of the Gulf of Mexico, made landfall in Galveston and whomped us for a while. We got out of school early that weekend, and for some reason I decided on Thursday afternoon that it was a good time to do some sewing. I called to make sure Joann's was open and biked over there (we wanted to save gasoline in case there were shortages after the storm). I found a lightweight robe pattern and some pretty sunflower fabric and decided to make a robe I could use in Houston in the summer. (Terrycloth is way too hot.) I chose this one because it's about knee-length, has mid-length rather than long sleeves, and has two nice pockets on the front where I can put my ipod or cell phone and then forget about it and go crazy looking for it. I wish I could find this fabric again. I think it would make a lovely summer dress.

I cut out and sewed the whole thing on Thursday and Friday because I knew I wouldn't be able to after the storm hit. (Another important piece of hurricane preparation on Friday evening was eating all the ice cream in the freezer. We had our priorities straight.) I did get to spend a lot of time lounging in my new robe in the days following the hurricane, and I was very glad I had made it. I wasn't glad the hurricane came, though. I would gladly trade my robe for not having a hurricane.

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  1. That is absolutely the best type of robe. I have a tattered six-year-old terrycloth one with the same length, sleeves, pockets, etc. The terrycloth was a bit much for Houston. If I ever decide I need a replacement, I'll let you know... maybe I could mail you some yards of fabric and some money... ;-)